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BA (Hons) Business and Management with Foundation Year in Business

This degree, together with the Foundation Year, will provide you with all of the information and abilities necessary to launch and develop a successful enterprise. Students who may not have the necessary or appropriate academic background for university studies are given the opportunity to enter higher education via this alternate path offered by the programme.

Course Details

Course Overview

This Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Business and Management degree also includes a Foundation Year in Business, and it is offered in collaboration with Leeds Trinity University.
Do you want to start your business career off on the right foot by gaining the necessary experience and managerial skills? In order to be successful in contemporary company, one of the most important talents to have is management experience. You will build a comprehensive understanding of organisations and the environments in which they operate by participating in this class, during which you will study all of the fundamental aspects of management, operations, and human resources (HR). This Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree in Business and Management with a Foundation Year in Business provides an alternative entry point into higher education. It is intended for prospective students who may not have a sufficient or relevant academic background for study at a university. The degree can be completed in four years.

During the integrated Foundation Year in Business, you will participate in modules that will help you develop your academic skills and confidence. You will also be introduced to key concepts, debates, and skills that will support and inform your second, third, and fourth years of study while you are earning your undergraduate degree.

By the use of case study research, lectures, seminars, and activities organised by students themselves, you will explore the aims, practises, and principles of business. You will study topics such as the supply chain and logistics, production and project management, as well as the organisation of businesses, management of human resources, and the fundamentals of effective leadership.

You will investigate the contemporary business climate and the ways in which “start-up” companies adapt to changing technological landscapes. You will create your own ideas and business strategies as well as concentrate on sustainability and the potential or limits that small companies confront via a series of lectures, workshops, course work, and group work. This will all take place throughout the course of the semester.

You will go on to Level 4 of the degree after you have shown that you have successfully completed your Foundation Year.

You will get an awareness of the intricacies of organisations, including their structures and other ideas related to HR administration. In this course, not only will you master the essentials of accounting, finance, and marketing, but you’ll also get the chance to study international business and marketing.

The curriculum was designed in collaboration with industry leaders, and it provides students with a comprehensive education in a variety of topics related to contemporary business management. It addresses not just the organisational challenges of contemporary business but also the legal, ethical, and environmental challenges that are now confronting businesses.

Full Time and 4 Years
September, January, May

You will get the chance to practise resolving real-world business issues via the use of real-world case studies, which are designed to imitate the current corporate environment.

You will gain real-world experience through the professional placements you will complete, and you will have the opportunity to conduct a business research project with an employer in your final year. You will learn in small groups, developing the confidence to work in project teams to a professional standard.

When they graduate from our programme, our students have gained an important blend of in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which will prepare them for a successful start to their careers in business and management.

Awarding Institution
Leeds Trinity University
Weekdays, evenings and/or weekends
£9,250 per year


The module details given below are subject to change and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study. Students will study a combination of core and option modules across their four years of study.

Foundation Year
Core modules (students are required to take):

  • Academic skills and studying with confidence
  • Project
  • Introduction to Business Operations and Management
  • Starting a Business and Fundamentals of Marketing

Year 1
Core modules (students are required to take):

  • Principles and Applications of Macroeconomics
  • Management & Organisational Behaviour
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Operations Management
  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Ethics, Society and Employability

Year 2
Core modules (students are required to take):

  • Professional Development & Placement
  • Financial Management
  • Legal Issues for Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Business Research
  • People Management

Year 3
Core modules (students are required to take):

  • e-business and e-marketing
  • Business & Management Strategy
  • Corporate Sustainability

Students are also required to choose one option module from

  • Research Project*
  • Professional Learning Through Work

And two option modules from:

  • Leadership
  • Financial Reporting
  • International Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Applicants should have GCSE English Language at grade C/4 or higher or accepted equivalent qualification and a level 3 qualification equivalent to an A level.

Applications are welcome from mature students with few or no formal applications. These applications will be assessed based on any previous relevant work experience or learning, an interview, a written task and an English proficiency test.

London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford